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The journey of my artwork

By Mipet
When the order was placed, we asked the customer with the username Mipet if we could take photos of the finished artwork before sending it out and asked if they would be willing to write a few sentences about the experience of generating and receiving their very own artwork. Finally, Mipet sent us a photo of the artwork in their home.
The Artificial Artist generation interface showing a colorful abstract artwork.

1. Selecting and ordering the artwork

After exploring the creativity of the Artificial Artist, by trying all styles and moods and browsing the gallery, I decided to go for generating a unique artwork in the style of expressionism for myself. My advice for others is to choose something that speaks to you, just trust your intuition!

2. The shipping of the artwork

After only two days, I received the shipping confirmation with tracking details via mail. After waiting in anticipation for two more days, the postal service rang my door.
A closeup of the opened package of a shipped framed canvas.
The package of the canvas standing in front of a pile of firewood.
Close up of a 'fragile' sticker.

3. The arrival of the artwork

The box was marked properly as fragile to keep my artwork safe during transportation. I was very excited to unpack it.

4. The unpacking

Pulling the artwork out of the box, it was very well wrapped with protective material. Also, all corners were covered by cardboard to ensure no dents.
The corner of a artwork wrapped in protective material for shipping.
The corner of a artwork protected by cardboard material.
Closeup of an abstract artwork wrapped in protective material.
The corner of a canvas with black wooden frame.

5. Noticing the quality materials

From close up, the craftmanship was apparent. The frame is well constructed, very sturdy and made of quality wood. The canvas has a nice feel and fine texture.
The backside of a framed canvas, showing the sold construction. The corner of a floating framed canvas.
The corner of a canvas with black wooden frame, showing the details of the print.

6. Enjoying the artwork

After hanging it on my wall, I could admire my very own artwork. The colors are vibrant and the print shows all the subtle details. It looks just like I was hoping it would. The room now has a completely different atmosphere and energy. The artwork always draws my eye when I enter the living room and every guest asks me about it. I know what I am getting my loved ones for their next birthday!
A closeup of the canvas print of the abstract artwork, showing the details of the artwork.

It looks just like I was hoping it would

The digital image of the abstract artwork created by the AI.
Full view of the framed canvas with the printed abstract artwork, generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

It gives the room a completely different atmosphere and energy.

An colorful artwork generated with the Artifical Artist, on a customers wall as a framed canvas.
Bamboo Jungle
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