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A full concrete room with 3 cubes with ai generated artworks on them.
Meet the
Artificial Artist
We believe that anyone can create and enjoy beautiful, exclusive and thought provoking art. Our mission is to use artificial intelligence to unlock this endless creative potential in a fun, flexible and inspiring way.
Learning Time
# of Parameters
401,301 artworks
We showed the Artificial Artist over 400,000 artworks from every period, style and medium of art, and gave it a general idea of what is in them - you can think of it like taking a child to the museum!
The Artificial Artist learned from the masters and built its own internal representation of what makes great art and what defines different styles, medium, and even mood.
This is where you get into the picture - you can choose a unique combination of artistic parameters. The Artificial Artist will use its incredible artistic knowledge to generate a completely new and unique artwork that you are the first person to ever see!
In the age of artificial art, curation is a new artform. Which of the artworks the Artificial Artist creates is a new masterpiece? This is up to you! You can create countless completely new artworks or browse through the gallery until you find the right artwork - trust yourself, you will know it when you see it.
One of a kind artwork
for a one of a kind person
We believe that meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and that the connection that forms between you and your artwork is uniquely yours. Therefore, we offer you an opportunity to be the sole owner of the artworks you create: When you create a new artwork, you have a full day to buy it before it gets into the public gallery. If you buy it before, no one else could get the exact same artwork, and you get to be the exclusive owner. If you need more time, or just want to keep multiple of your artworks private, you can have full control over the privacy settings by subscribing!
An abstract artwork with blue/purple organic shapes.
Closeup of a framed canvas artwork, showing the high quality of the product.
Museum quality materials.
You can buy each artwork in various sizes, framed or unframed, always on premium quality canvas - it's all up to you. We use vegan and eco-friendly finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail. The canvas is hand-stretched on a timber frame and framed in an elegant floating frame. When ordering an artwork, you will also get an HD digital file of the artwork!
For questions, feedback, ideas for collaborations or media Inquiries please write us an email.
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