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A woman in an art gallery looking at three artworks that were generated by an AI.
Create never-before-seen art with the Artificial Artist
Use Artificial Intelligence to create unique artworks in a huge variety of styles, moods and colors. Get an artwork that fits your home, style and personality as a high quality canvas print.
Bring your art home
Order your favorite Artworks on premium quality canvas. You choose the size and framing, we deliver it straight to your door.
Create a New Artwork
Collaborate with the Artificial Artist to create an unique artwork that has never been seen before - you can choose the style and mood and create endless variations with a few clicks!
An expressionistic artwork generated by AI, showing an abstract man in front of a blue water like background.
Main Color
Swimming Giant
A colorful landscape artwork generated by artificial intelligence, printed on canvas.
A personalized present
Ever wanted to give a loved one something creative and unique, but were afraid to pick the wrong style or color? Get one of our vouchers and let your friends or family choose their own perfect match.
Who's behind the Art?
Artificial Artist is a creative artificial intelligence that you can interact with. All of the artworks you can see here were not painted by humans, but generated with the wild imagination of the Artificial Artist!

What our customers say

An colorful artwork generated with the Artifical Artist, on a customers wall as a framed canvas.
I created a few artworks with the generator and found one I really liked. Only a few days after ordering it arrived and it looks great! It always draws my eye when I enter the living room and every guest asks me about it.
Bamboo jungle
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